Snail Fencing


Rappa are pleased to announce this week they have won a million pound contract to supply electric fencing to French firm A.P.R.I.L for snail fencing.

“Escargot is an expensive delicacy and takes months to produce , we have been working with French farmers  to assess the merits of strip grazing in relation to animal condition and mortality rates,” says managing director James Ridley. “As a result we have provided a robust system suitable for both the animals and farmer. Winning this contract cements Rappa as the "Go To" company for electric fencing and highlights our innovative approach”.

A project was set up in early 2016 - Fencing Omnivores On Land (FOOL). The project consisted of months of research and development. Going forward all snail fencing will be produced at Rappa’s head office in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

"This contract has led us to expand our workforce. It is a specialist skill to produce this fencing. We now have the very best people working for Rappa. We anticipate demand to be high and therefore have converted a whole factory to the production” says Andrew Cowan, General Manager.

The 30-year-old company has a long family heritage and are known for their understanding of farmers. Katie Fluen, Marketing Manager at Rappa concluded, “ It's a opportunity to show our personality, our farmers work very hard and deserve to have a laugh. APRIL FOOLS!! We are not producing snail fencing and have not won a contract, have a great day!"