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Wire, Netting & Cable

Steel WireStranded Steel Wire - Medium Duty 200mHigh Tensile Steel Wire - 1000mStranded Steel Wire - Medium Duty 400mStranded Steel Wire - Heavy Duty 200mStranded Steel Wire - Heavy Duty 400mPolywireOrange Polywire - 200mOrange Polywire - 400mOrange Polywire - 600mWhite Polywire - 200mWhite Polywire - 400mWhite Polywire - 600mPolytape12mm White Polytape - 200m12mm Green Polytape - 200m20mm White Polytape - 200m20mm Green Polytape - 200m40mm White Polytape - 200m40mm Green Polytape - 200m40mm Superconductive Polytape - 200mPolyrope & PolybraidWhite Polyrope - 200mGreen Polyrope - 200mWhite Polybraid - 200mGreen Polybraid - 200mElectric NettingGreen Electric Poultry Netting - 25mGreen Electric Rabbit Netting - 50mGreen Electric Poultry Netting - 50mOrange Electric Rabbit Netting - 50mOrange Electric Poultry Netting - 50mDouble-spike Green Electric Poultry Netting - 50mDouble-spike Orange Electric Poultry Netting - 50mGreen Electric Sheep Netting - 50mOrange Electric Sheep Netting - 50mInsulated CableHeavy-duty Insulated Cable-500mLight Insulated Cable - 25mLight Insulated Cable - 50mLight Insulated Cable - 100mHeavy-duty Insulated Cable - 50mHeavy-duty Insulated Cable - 100mSuperconductive Insulated Cable - 100mSupeconductive Insulated Cable - 500mPre-loaded ReelsRappa ReelReel with Stranded Steel Wire - 200mReel with Stranded Steel Wire - 400mReel with Stranded Steel Wire - 600mReel with Orange Polywire - 200mReel with Orange Polywire - 400mReel with Orange Polywire - 600mReel with White Polywire - 200mReel with White Polywire - 400mReel with White Polywire - 600mPre-loaded Hand ReelsHand Reel with Stranded Steel Wire - 200mHand Reel with Stranded Steel Wire - 400mHand Reel with Stranded Steel Wire - 600mHand Reel with Orange Polywire - 200mHand Reel with Orange Polywire - 400mHand Reel with Orange Polywire - 600mHand Reel with White Polywire - 200mHand Reel with White Polywire - 400mHand Reel with White Polywire - 600mHand Reel with 12mm White Polytape - 200mHand Reel with 12mm Green Polytape - 200mHand Reel with White Polybraid - 200mHand Reel with Green Polybraid - 200mHand Reel with White Polyrope - 200mHand Reel with Green Polyrope - 200m