Energiser Guide

Picking the right electric fence energiser for your stock and fence length can be a tricky business, so we've designed our Energiser Guide below to help you make the right choice. Simply pick your stock/fence type from the top line - don't worry if the category isn't an exact fit. Choose either the battery, mains energiser, or dual power option (runs on mains or battery) to see the models that cover the lengh of your electric fence.

Bear in mind that running a fence energiser on mains power is always the best choice where practical - it is cheaper, more effective, and you don't have a battery to change. However, you do need earth stakes and special underground cable to connect a mains-powered  energiser to the electric fence - while there is no physical limit to how far this cable can run, it can prove expensive over longer distances. Battery energisers, on the other hand, clip directly onto the electric fence or earth post.

As a rule of thumb, when in doubt go for the larger fence  energiser. If your fence length falls between those listed, pick the energiser that will cover the longer distance. You may want to extend your electric fencing in future, and a larger model allows room for growth.

energiser guide