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Our Yard Design

1. Our aluminium hurdles all have curved edges.
This we achieve by bending the tube before welding and finally heat treating it to harden the hurdle. It is more expensive to make this way, but worth it. The curved edges allow you to drag several connected hurdles across rough ground. This is both easier and much more time efficient than carrying them.

2. Our hurdle tops are vertical rather than horizontal.
Sheep jump. It’s a fact we are all aware of. Hurdle height is always a compromise between keeping them in and your ease of use. That’s why we put verticals in the top of our hurdles. Firstly, the vertical discourages sheep from jumping, the opposite of a horizontal. But more importantly, should they jump, then it avoids them getting their legs caught and potentially broken.

3. All our hurdles are heat treated.
This means we can bend and weld the aluminium accurately and efficiently when it is in a relatively “soft” state. The subsequent heat treatment vastly increases the stiffness and strength of the product.

4. Choice of hurdle height
You want a height that dissuades sheep from jumping over but you also want a height that you can easily climb over. We have the perfect solution, invest in 4-6 x 39in | 1.0m aluminium hurdles. Use these where pressure is higher such as the forcing pen. You can still enter via the main pen through the forcing gate. The vertical staples in the top of our hurdle also dissuade stock jumping and avoid leg breakages if something should make a leap.