Insulated Cable

Custom-made for electric fencing, our heavily insulated cable is the only safe option for connecting mains energisers to electric fence lines and earth stakes, and for carrying the power across gateways.

Use the Light Insulated Cable for above ground installation, and for use with energisers under 5 joules. For underground runs, or for use with larger energisers, choose our Heavy-Duty Insulated Cable or Superconductive Insulated Cable.

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Light Insulated Cable
Avaliable in 25m, 50, and 100m.
from £20.20 inc VAT

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Heavy-duty Insulated Cable
Avaliable in 50m, 100m and 500m.
from £92.58 inc VAT

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Superconductive Insulated Cable
Avaliable in 100m and 500m
from £163.42 inc VAT

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