Rabbit Electric Fence Packs

While electric netting will keep rabbits away from crops, it's only practical for small areas. With lost crop costs running into thousands of pounds on many farms, farmers and horticulturalists with larger fields need a more robust solution.

Designed in association with universities and DEFRA bodies, our rabbit electric fencing packs are economical and highly efficient in deterring rabbits. Both incorporate long-life galvanised steel wire, a better conductor and more resistant to vermin damage. By fencing a field completely, you can virtually eliminate crop damage; alternatively, use a strip-fence to control an attack on a specific area of headland.

For cereal crops, use a four-line electric fence. For greater control for vegetable and horticultural crops, choose the six-line version. Erect the fence soon after sowing and leave it in position until crops are strong enough to withstand rabbit infestation.