Rappa has all the key components and machinery required for you to set up an efficient electric fence system.

Alongside our unique Rappa Winder electric fencing machines, we have a carefully sourced range of electric fencing equipment and accessories.

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Products to suit all kinds of farming

All our Rappa Winder electric fencing machines are manufactured in our own workshops and rigorously tested in the field. A full range of spare parts are available on our shop; our experts can advise what parts you may need and guide you through maintenance and checks. Alternatively, you can book your Rappa Winder in for a full service.

Choose from the entry-level Barrow Fence Winder or our best-selling ATV versions for unparalleled speed, efficiency, ease and economy. Our top-of-the-range Trailer Winder carries up to 5km of fencing in one hit, while the Dairy Winder offers an economical machine for busy dairy farms.

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Features & Benefits

  • Better pasture management

    Erect 600m of 3-line fence in just 20 minutes and dismantle in 10.

  • Less trudging around fields

    Carry everything with you as you go around the farm.

  • Let the machine take the strain

    No more lugging or lifting heavy hand reels.

  • Maximise wire life

    The auto-winding mechanism prevents tangles and breakage.

  • Versatile

    Use a combination of steel wire and polywire in the same fence.

  • Robust

    It works in the worst conditions and muddiest terrain.

Golden Hoof

The ‘Golden Hoof’ method is back, thankfully

The ‘Golden Hoof’ is, thankfully, once again being recognised as an essential method of cereal management, with an increased focus on soil biology and effective nutrient cycling.

This method of cereal management went out of fashion years ago with the advent of chemical fungicides and plant growth regulators. But, with input costs skyrocketing and growers taking more of an interest in soil biology and nutrient cycling, grazing winter cereals with sheep is experiencing something of a renaissance.

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