Manufacturing, customer support, R&D and expert advice all happen from here.

With all our teams located at a single site, we maintain complete control over the manufacturing process, customer support, research and development, and expert advice. Our skilled team at the factory stay updated on the latest developments regarding the FTEF grants process. Feel free to reach out to our experts, who will provide you with knowledgeable guidance and support in discussing your application.

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British Quality

Our quality standards

At our Hampshire factory, we have established a set of stringent quality standards that govern the production of our gates. These standards are upheld by our team of skilled welders who take immense pride in their work. Their expertise and dedication enable us to create gates that excel in durability and performance, capable of withstanding the harshest environments and roughest treatment.

Our welders are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of welding techniques and materials. They possess a deep understanding of structural integrity and employ their expertise to ensure that every gate we produce meets the highest quality standards.

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