Rabbit Fencing Options

While electric netting will keep rabbits away from crops, it’s only practical for small areas.

With lost crop costs running into thousands of pounds on many farms, farmers and horticulturalists with larger fields need a more robust solution.

Designed in association with universities and DEFRA bodies, our rabbit electric fencing packs are economical and highly efficient in deterring rabbits. Both incorporate long-life galvanised steel wire, which is a better conductor and more resistant to vermin damage. By fencing a field completely, you can virtually eliminate crop damage; alternatively, you can use a strip-fence to control an attack on a specific area of headland.

For cereal crops, use a four-line electric fence. For greater control for vegetable and horticultural crops, choose the six-line version. Erect the fence soon after sowing and leave it in position until crops are strong enough to withstand rabbit infestation.

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Rabbit Fence Posts

Although electric netting keeps rabbits away from crops, it can be hard to maintain, and is not suitable for large fields. Our range of steel reel and anchor posts, all with preset spacings for rabbit control, will provide effective electric fencing protection for both cereal and vegetable crops.

Pheasant Pens

Rappa offers an effective, unobtrusive and good value solution for pheasant pens. Our electric fence systems are simplicity itself to put up and will ensure that you don’t lose valuable stock to predators. Once up, the system is robust and will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

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Otter Fencing

Reduce fish predation from otters and mink with Rappa electric fencing.

Our electric fence systems are easy to put up and will help protect valuable stock from predators.

Your fishermen won’t be bothered, as they will hardly know the fencing is there, but you will be able to sleep sound at night. Once installed, the system is robust and will last for several years with minimal maintenance. Our experts are on hand to help advise on the right set-up for you.

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Poultry/Fox Fencing

Keep your poultry safe with our easy-to-install and move electric fencing options.

Electric netting is the best temporary option for protecting poultry and piglets and keeping foxes at bay. For permanent electric fencing, the nine-line fox fence, designed and tested by Rappa, is proven to be effective.

Keep your birds under control and safe from foxes with our heavy-duty green electric poultry netting:

  • Tough polypropylene twine with stainless steel wire woven into the 12 horizontal lines
  • 6 flexible polystakes built into each 25m run and 15 stakes into each 50m run
  • Extra long spikes for increased stability
  • Connect nets together easily with a simple clip
  • Includes guy rope for corners and a small repair kit
  • Rolls up neatly for easy storage
  • Easy to install and move

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