Double Fill Race

This is the same as our 33in | 0.8m wide drenching race, but more than twice as quick. Whilst filling one side, you can be working in the other to create a really good flow. It's a must for big numbers.


What is Rappa Double Fill Race?

A double fill race enables you to build up a nice steady workflow while working with larger mob sizes. As you work on one side, the other can be filled up. The component parts to build your double fill race are:

  • 6 x 8ft Panels
  • 2 x 4ft Panels with Coupling
  • 2 x 66in W Spreaders
  • 1 x 66in Spreader and Gates
  • 1 x 33in Swing Gate

You will already have some of the panels needed to construct the double‐fill race in your Rappa Yard. The Series 10 Super and standard have 4 x 8ft panels, so you may only need to add two on with the other components listed above.

Panel with Coupling

An aluminium framed panel, shorter than the standard and ideal for connecting a double fill race to the yard base. Use it with our Swing Gate. Coupling makes connection easy, with a slot to lock off the Swing Gate.

4ft | 1.2m

Swing Gate

This hangs off a W Spreader 33in | 0.8m to facilitate the loading of sheep into each side of a double fill race system. Use in conjunction with the 4ft | 1.2m Panels.

33in | 0.8m

W Spreader

This is a double/tandem version of our standard Spreader. It helps locate panels to form a sturdy double fill race, and also locates the Swing Gate if you are using it.

66in | 1.6m

W Spreader and Gate

This is a double/tandem version of our standard Forcing Gate; each gate opens on opposite sides and forms the end of a double fill drench race.

66in | 1.6m

8ft Panel

Aluminium framed panels with non-reflective matt-plastic-coated boards for easy wash down. Available in a taller option.

Regular 34in | 0.85m
Tall 36in | 0.9m

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