The Rappa WeighCrate is a lightweight, stand-alone and accurate sheep weighing machine. Use it out in the field with your Rappa Yard, or within a fixed yard setting.


Why Rappa WeighCrate?

The Rappa WeighCrate is the ideal solution for weighing sheep accurately and easily. Minimal set-up is required; the WeighCrate arrives fully constructed in transport mode.

Benefits include:

  • Three-way drafting
  • Strong aluminium design to make light work of lifting
  • Removable end gates and frame make it compact for transportation
  • Two built-in TruTest load bars for accurate weighing
  • Suitable for all sheep – any breed, any age
  • Easy access for grading by hand
  • Three-way coupling allows multiple penning setups
  • Railed exit gates to encourage consistent flow
  • Servicing and spare parts available from Rappa
  • Reliable design

    It has a strong aluminium design for easy lifting and removable end gates for compact transport.

  • Flexible load bars

    The stand-alone WeighCrate has two integrated TruTest load bars set within an isolated frame to allow accurate weighing of any age or breed of sheep.

  • Fully compatible

    The WeighCrate is compatible with all the current Rappa Yard series and any fixed yard set-up.

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