Series 8

For up to 70 sheep.

The Buggy, suitable for up to 70 sheep, makes sheep handling quick and easy.

The Series 8 “Buggy” is a lightweight, adaptable and portable mobile sheep yard – the smallest in the Rappa range. Due to its modular design, The Buggy can be expanded as your flock grows and includes a range of features to help make the job easier.

Series 8 Mobile Yard
Multiple extensions & accessories

Series 8

Up to 70 Sheep | 1 Size | Buggy

The Buggy’s lightweight design and fixed drawbar handle make for easy handling and towing. It is suitable to hold up to 70 sheep.


  • Lightweight design and fixed drawbar handle for easy handling and towing
  • Narrow 1.2m chassis for compact storage
  • All-terrain, low pressure tyres won’t cut up paddocks
  • Uses standard vehicle tow hitch
  • Multiple set-up configurations cover all tasks
  • Easy and quick to assemble or dismantle single-handed
  • Modular design expands with your flock
  • Non-reflective panels encourage stock flow
  • Rounded hurdles drag smoothly across grass
  • Adjustable panel heights for flighty sheep
  • Gates made from tough, lightweight heat-treated aluminium

Components Buggy
T Bar Chassis 8ft 1
Aluminium Hurdle 7ft 8
Tall Panel 8ft 1
Panel and Side Gate 8ft 1
Drop-in Gate 18in 1
Spreader 18in 1
Guillotine Gate 18in 1

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