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March 21, 2024

More rounds for the FETF grant, coming soon!

Posted on  by Lisa

It’s expected that there will be two more application windows in 2024 for animal health and welfare items under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund. The application window for the first tranche closed on 1st May, so if you missed out this time, rest assured that there are likely be further opportunities to apply later in the year.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has said that average costs and grant amounts are expected to be the same in each application window and, if your application was unsuccessful in round one, you will be able to apply again in a future window.

Look out for updates for when the next round goes live on our social media channels @rappaltd. In the meantime, our sales team is on hand at any time to chat through your needs.

You can apply for a rebate on many products in the Rappa range – from mobile yards to sheep weighing equipment, electric fencing and Winders through to energisers and solar panels – via the ‘Animal Health and Welfare’ section. You can also apply for more than one grant if you need to.

Which Rappa products are available?

Grant CodeGrant NameRappa Products Cashback Amount
(Round One)
FETF69Mobile sheep handling systemSeries 10 Standard Mobile Yard
Series 10 Super Mobile Yard
Series 12 Mobile Yard
FETF71Sheep handlerRaceGrip£1690
FETF75Electronic weigh crate for sheepRaceWeigh
+Weigh Head
FETF243ASheep raceStaticBase£459
FETF107 SH/CA/POU/PIElectric fencing packageATV, RTV, Barrow or Dairy Winder
Reels/spools for wire
Fencing stakes
Reel/Anchor posts
Energiser – 2J+
Solar panel – 10W+
FETF272 SH/CA/POU/PISolar powered electric fence energiserDefender S5/S10
Speedrite S150/S500/S1000
FETF82 SH/CA/PIEID handheld device (stick reader)Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader
Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader
FETF80 SH/CA/PIWeigh bars and weigh platforms for
livestock less than 300kg
Tru-Test MP800 Load Bars
Tru-Test MP600 Load Bars

How do I apply?

The first thing to do is to check that you’re eligible. Your business must be registered and based in England, and you must be either a:

  • Farmer
  • Horticulturalist
  • Forestry owner
  • Contractor carrying out services to any of the above, such as a shepherd/shepherdess.

You can still apply if you’ve received money back in FETF 2023 or the Countryside Productivity Scheme (CPSG). However, the RPA states that you can only accept one Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) for each grant section. Eg, if you accept a GFA for an ‘animal health and welfare’ grant in the first window, you cannot apply for an ‘animal health and welfare’ grant in the second or third window.

The grant is available if you farm any of the following:   

  • beef cattle 
  • dairy cattle 
  • sheep 
  • pigs 
  • laying chickens (including rearing and breeding farms)  
  • broiler chickens (including rearing and breeding farms)

Other types of livestock and poultry, including goats, ducks, turkeys, geese and gamebirds, are not eligible for funding.

How can Rappa help?

Many of our customers are already reaping the benefits of using Rappa products after successful grant applications in previous rounds. Our experienced sales team has been through the process many times, and is on hand to discuss your exact requirements.

For mobile yards, you’ll need to include at least 48 metres of penning – that’s 24 7ft hurdles. There are lots of options available in the Rappa range and our team can help you build your set-up.

With many variables in electric fencing too, it’s best to give us a call ahead of your application to chat through the machinery and equipment that you’ll need.

Our weighing and handling equipment is designed to fit inside our mobile yards, so if you already own a Rappa mobile yard, talk to us about how our RaceGrip and RaceWeigh can enhance your set up. The WeighCrate is also a great addition to any sheep handling system with minimum set-up required.

What happens if my FETF application is successful?

Once you receive notification that your application is successful, you’re ready to place your order. Simply get in touch as soon as possible and our experienced sales team can help you finalise the details.

We don’t require a deposit and we can also try to tailor delivery to suit your working calendar. In addition, we’ll cross-check your paperwork from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) to ensure everything is processed correctly.

Our sales team can provide a demo and assist you to get the correct in-situ photographs that you’ll need to provide to the RPA to claim your rebate.

With Rappa, you can ensure your grant goes smoothly and makes the job easier.

Want to know more, leave your details here and we’ll be in touch, or click here to go to the gov.uk website.