Xpand A-Gate

Xpand A-Gate
Xpand A-Gate
Xpand A-Gate

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Xpand A-GateXpand A-GateXpand A-Gate


Developed by a dairyman, our unique Xpand A-Gate brings to electric fencing the same technology designed for airport crowd control. Xpand A-Gate does exactly what its name suggests - expands to an effective, electrified tape barrier in an instant. And retracts back just as fast.

Controls stock in many situations - including horses and cattle in yards, silage clamps, cow tracks or grass leys - as well as keeping cattle off straw bedding after milking.


  • Instant - expands up to 20 metres in seconds
  • Easily seen - Uses highly visible 40mm white tape
  • Versatile - fix a number of mounting blocks and anchor points around your yard or walkway, and move the Xpand A-Gate where you need it 
  • Robust - the high grade coil spring won’t break or distort with use, and doesn’t require maintenance. Housed in a tough plastic reel
  • Convenient - to power the Xpand A-Gate, just hook it up to an existing electric fence, or simply clip on a battery energiser




  • Cattle
  • Horses


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