RTV Winder

RTV Winder fencing machine
Reels on an RTV Winder fencing machine
Close up of Reels on an RTV Winder fencing machine

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RTV Winder fencing machineReels on an RTV Winder fencing machineClose up of Reels on an RTV Winder fencing machine

All the features of the ATV Winder fencing machine, as well as more than double the capacity to carry wire and stakes. 

  • Versatile - fence on almost any terrain or conditions, including slopes and undulated ground
  • Compact - get into the tightest corners and fence virtually any shape of field 
  • Fast - erect and dismantle an electric fence in minutes, not hours
  • Labour-saving - carry up to 2 km of stakes and wire at one go
  • Easy fit - no need to modify most RTVs. Simply leave the mounting frame fixed to the rear, and detach or reattach the Rappa in seconds

 The price stated above is for the winding machine only. Spare Parts can be purchased for this machine.

 Please see our Pre-loaded Reels for different wire options.


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£1572.89 inc VAT

RRP £1,655.67

Code: RAM501




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