S5 Defender Solar energiser

S5 Defender Solar energiser
S5 Defender Solar energiser

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S5 Defender Solar energiserS5 Defender Solar energiser

The Defender S5 Integrated Solar Energiser is easily portable, simple and intuitive. Suitable for farmers of all types, the S5 can be used for small installations, ideal for intensive strip-grazing.

  • Powers up to 5 km / 3 miles of fence. 0.5 Joule maximum output energy
  • Solar panel and battery integrated into one convenient robust case.
  • Housing for convenient storing of fence leads when not in use.
  • Single flashing LED indicates fence pulse.
  • Easy to carry portable housing.
  • Comes with easy to bolt on earth stake
  • Reliable year-round performance in the world's harshest weather conditions Includes leads for connecting to existing fence.
  • Terminals contain metal insert to ensure robust fence connection.
  • Rechargeable internal battery and mains charger included.

The S5 Defender Solar is supplied with -

  • Earth Stake
  • Mains Battery Charger
  • Fence and Earth Leads
  • Battery spade connector adapters
  • The switch has three settings 
  •      1 - is half fence power (half consumption)

                O - is off

                11 - is full fence power.


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