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Product:  Otter Fencing
Name:     Mr Smith
Type:      Fishery Owner

Otter predation continues to be an ongoing problem for fisheries up and down the country. Current recommendations for fencing can prove costly, but is there a viable alternative?

Mr Smith owns a fishery in Yorkshire, stocked with common carp, mirror carp and tench. “It has 13 pegs and is fished by myself and a small group of friends.”

However, following a restocking project in December 2015, he noticed a problem with otter activity. “I started by finding two or three dead fish each morning, some smaller, but some big, weighing ten pounds plus. Although I hadn’t actually seen the otters, all the typical signs were there.”

Over a three-week period, Mr Smith lost a total of 24 carp. “That’s a lot of fish to lose, not to mention the cost. I knew I had to take action and quickly. I costed up traditional otter fencing, but it was a little expensive at £2500, and it would take a long time to erect. So I started looking for alternatives which would be more cost-effective and quick to implement, and I came across Rappa.”

With over 40 years’ experience in electric fencing, including successful installations in many fisheries, Rappa offered an affordable and practical solution to otter predation. “The sales team gave me examples where this had worked for other customers in the same situation and talked me through what I would need. The overall cost was £650 for a four-line electric fence - it arrived the next day and I had my new fence up by 4.30pm.”

From that moment, Mr Smith says he’s had no problems. “Since putting up the fence I am glad to say I have had no stock losses, and have found no evidence of otters. I think the first shock must have sent them running!”

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Product:  ATV Winder
Name:     Robbie Wilkie
Type:      Contractor and Sheep Farmer
County:   Aberdeenshire

Robbie, Aberdeen based Contractor and Sheep Farmer, found time was the biggest constraint to his day to day life. “Like all farmers and contractors I could do with more hours in the day. In reality contracting takes up the majority of my time and I spent more time untangling wire than anything else.”

Robbie used the hand reel method for fencing and admits he took some persuading to invest in an ATV winder. Eventually he took the plunge and has not looked back since “Traditionally I used hand reels which are labour intensive and slow. It took a few practice goes but now I have the winder I can do the same amount of work in a quarter of the time.”

In the last year Robbie estimates he has erected in excess of 10,000 metres of fencing. “I took time to consider spending the £1600 for the initial set up. It’s a significant amount for anyone to spend. Pound for pound it looked expensive next to the hand reels but the cost savings come in the time I have saved. It now gives me time to spend with my sheep and take advantage of the seasonal demands of contracting.”

“Even with heavy use, with regular maintenance, I expect the winder to last at least 6 years if not more. £250 a year, not a bad return for your money.” Robbie ends by saying “I wouldn’t hesitate in spending this money again. The farms I contract for are equally impressed. One of the best pieces if kit I have purchased in recent years.”

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Product:  ATV Winder
Name:     Tim White
Type:      Grazier

Natural and progressive are words often used to describe Tim Whites’ farming style. Tim, a grazier based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, owns 900 ewes which are spread across southern England.

“My sheep are split into small groups, the closest are eight miles from my home but the largest group are at least 50 miles away. Each group is kept in 80 acre blocks and fed on a completely natural diet.”

Tim was an early convert to the Rappa ATV Winder, purchasing it shortly after he sold his first lambs. “Fencing with hand reels was taking up so much time. It could take two of us all day to do one field and took a lot of effort. I can now do the same size field on my own in half a day!”

Tim is a farmer that enjoys a challenge, he breeds wool shedding Exlana sheep and aims to breed worm resistant lambs. His latest project will prove just as interesting; “I am currently conducting research into how rotational grazing can improve soil and reduce the spread of Black Grass. In order to do this I have taken on some arable land and all the problems associated, which means without a sheep friendly infrastructure I have to set up and take down all the fencing myself which is a lot easier with the ATV Winder.

Time ends by saying “I couldn’t run my sheep the way I do without a Winder. It’s a good product and with a little bit of maintenance it will last a long time.”

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Product:  ATV Winder
Name:     James Beary
Type:      Sheep Farmer
County:   Staffordshire

600 ewes, 200 acres split into 5 acre paddocks. Add in a beef herd and it starts to sound like an algebra equation that doesn’t add up however, this is reality for Staffordshire based sheep farmer James.“I run a progressive sheep and beef business. Fencing can take up a large portion of the job. My business relies on keeping my overheads low and one of the biggest costs is labour”.

“It’s a fine balance, as my business grows we see an increase in work. There are only so many hours in a day so this means we have to take on more staff which in turn increases our overheads”.

James recently purchased a Rappa ATV Winder and hasn’t looked back since. “I was looking for something that could give me back some time and ultimately allow me to do more and keep our overheads low. Having the winder allows me to do all the fencing on my own quickly leaving me to get on with other tasks”.

James uses his winder on a weekly basis and expects it to have paid for itself within 3 months due to the labour savings. He ends by saying “Having used a winder I will never go back to a hand reel system again!”.