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Equine fencing

If you’re managing large fields, limiting grazing or separating horses or ponies, temporary Rappa electric fencing, easy to erect or dismantle, is your perfect solution.

Rappa’s equine fencing kit is also ideal for temporary fencing during events and shows, separating horses for reasons such as laminitis prevention, rehabilitation or behavioural issues, interior fencing for track paddocks, or to stop cribbing or leaning on permanent fencing.

Dividing your acreage into smaller sections is a healthy option for your horse as well as the land:

  • Encourages even grazing
  • Keeps pasture grasses from being overgrazed
  • Guarantees fresh grass for longer
  • Limits ground and soil damage

Healthier pastures = more forage and lower hay bills

With our portable, lightweight posts and hand reel, putting up a one- or two-line electric fence is a job you can manage on your own. Match this with our dual power energiser and make sure it’s properly earthed and you have everything you need to provide the ultimate psychological barrier to contain your horses or ponies.

Rappa polytape is made from high-density polyethylene which has been UV-stabilised for a longer life. Interwoven with stainless steel wire for maximum conductivity and strength.