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Static vs Mobile

Many systems have been inherited and shepherds often fail to evaluate if their system is time and cost effective. Is your system still working effectively for you? The table below evaluates static and mobile handling systems. In most circumstances a mobile yard will provide a more cost, time effective and flexible system.

Farm locationsSuitable for single site farms. Fixed to single location.Suitable for multi-site farms. Can be towed on road or from field to field.
FlexibilityFixed pen configuration. Difficult to add to.Set up can be changed to suit any job and is easily added to.
Set UpNo set up. Time gathering flock to central location.10-15 min set up. Time gathering flock across field.
Sheep StressMedium – High. Sheep moved out of natural environment to central location.Low – Medium. Sheep remain in natural environment.
InvestmentFarm asset with no resale value.Personal/business asset with high resale value.
Change of addressFixed to single address.Can be moved to new farm.
SpaceFixed space in yard or barn which could be used for something else.Can be moved to suitable storage location.