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Type approval & road legal – the differences

What is Type Approval?
Type Approval means a product and/or manufacturing process is certified to meet a pre-defined set of criteria. This ensures safe and legal products are manufactured to a consistent and high standard.

Why is Type Approval important?
Any company manufacturing or importing trailers must gain Type Approval to legally sell those trailers in the UK. Type approval must be sought for both the trailer and the manufacturing process. Mobile Sheep Handling systems are classified as a trailer and therefore must comply.

Why is Type Approval important to me?
Type Approval means safe and legal products are made, which are of a consistent and high quality. If you are purchasing a mobile yard or trailer it is important you ask your supplier if the product is Type Approved. There is an expectation that insurance companies may soon require proof of Type Approval for any new trailers being insured.

Can I tow any Type Approved trailer?
Type Approval applies to the product and manufacturer. It is the manufactures responsibility to gain, maintain and comply with Type Approval. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure they comply with legal towing rules. We advise you to check your licence type, towing capacities and familiarise yourself with the law. We would also recommend you regularly check all your vehicles and carryout any maintenance.

Who sets Type Approval standards?
Central Government with responsibility for implementation falling to the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)

How do I know if my product is Type Approved?
There will be a 17 digit VIN number on the chassis and a VIN plate illustrating the trailer approval number. The only exception is the Buggy. As this is an off-road trailer and does not require Type Approval. Every Type Approved trailer should be delivered with a Certificate of Conformity.

Helpful Link:https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-and-what-you-can-tow